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Pet friendly

Park Chalet Village: a four-legged paradise

Enjoy a dream holiday with your faithful pet in an open environment with a green terrace and exciting walks.

Park Chalet Village is a "pet-friendly hotel"
A real heaven for four-legged friends, in the middle of one of the most beautiful woods in Livigno and very close to paths and trails where to go for lovely walks with our beloved dogs.
For them too, not a cramped little hotel room, but an open space on a green terrace (NOT closed or fenced) where to freely move around. On arrival, you get a small pet friendly present.
Dogs are to be kept on a leash while moving inside the village and are allowed into the breakfast room but always in full respect of other guests (we kindly recommend to implement maximum hygiene).

Extra charge:

  • very small size dog and cat: € 5,00 per day
  • medium size dog: € 10,00 per day
  • large size dog: € 15,00 per day (dogs like the following canine race: Bernese Mountain dog, Malamute, Saint Bernard, Mastiff, Wolfdog/German shepherd or Czechoslovakian wolf, Great Dane, Doberman, Newfoundland, Dogo Argentino, Samoyed, Pyrenean dog/Patou)

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