Mountain Chalet

in full autumn colours

Foto: ® Roby Trab
Mountain Chalet

in full autumn colours

Foto: ® Michele Galli
Mountain Chalet

in full autumn colours

Foto: ® M.Toniolo
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Autumn full of emotions and love in Livigno

Deep relax while discovering Bormio Thermal Bath and Livigno shopping mall. Lots of excursions and the adventurous Larix Park for the most active ones.

The season for lovers: Yes, because useless to say, you can be “lovers” all year round… but there is nothing so intriguing as autumn love getaways.
There is something unbelievable sweet in this “love escapes”, something magic and addictive, something that stays in your Heart and Mind. Special moments to be remembered for many years in order to re-experience joyful emotions. “Erotic drive” for sure, but not only. This is a special soul feeling that is experienced far away from every day life and work worries, when finally, one can think to oneself and to one’s lover.

The idea is to hide away in a place far away from everything where, as if by magic, there are only beautiful and joyful things, giving soul and body to each other in a see of Love.

Can one say, in this respect, that a Chalet is something much better even than a nice hotel room?
Can one say, that a small private wellness spa inside of each chalet is something much more intriguing than a hotel wellness area, even a very nice one, but unfortunately together with other people?
Yes. We can say that.


In Livigno, you’ll experience an unforgettable holiday in the forests, near the snow-capped peaks and wide, scenic vistas. All you need is a pair of climbing boots and a backpack. All the rest is here, in Livigno, with our Alpine Guides providing a wide range of exciting excursion options. Starting with all-day trips to multi-day treks with overnight stays in well-equipped mountain shelters.

Foto: ® Roby Trab
Nordic Walking

Open air is good for blood circulation, strengthens arms and shoulders, improves posture of the back and tones the buttocks and abdominal muscles. At first sight it seems a miraculous treatment, but it’s just “Nord Walking” a new method of practicing sport spreading all over the world. It’s a sport for everyone and all year round giving to all fitness fans an easy, cheap and amusing way to enjoy a healthy and active life.

Foto: ® Roby Trab
Wine Cellars Itineraries

Autumn, time of grape harvest and great wine; not far away from Livigno, there are the best wine cellar of Valtellina Valley, Cantina Raindoldi, Cantina Nino Negri, Cantine Plozza, Cantine Triacca, Cantine Pietro Nera, Cantine Bettini, Cantine Pellizati Perego, Cantine Menegola and many more … all of them can be visited with special Valtellina wine tasting.

Foto: ® Roby Trab
Livigno Lake

Livigno lake is open to boating and swimming and is not just a place for mountain lovers. Nowadays Livigno welcomes all people who like practising water sport games. Next to the lake, there is “Aquagranda”, 350 square meters fitness area, Tecnogym machines equiped, and 25 meters long inside swimming pool, built with Myrtha technology.

Foto: ® S.Confortola

Aquagranda Active You! One of the largest centres in Europe, where fun, sport, relax and wellbeing meet together. Three independent areas to satisfy different needs:
• Fitness&Pool Area: semi-Olympic swimming pool for swimming and a beautiful gym.
• Slide&Fun Area: lots of water slides and games, an area particularly suitable for families.
• Wellness&Relax Area: tranquillity and silence to satisfy all relax needs.
Park Chalet Village is Aquagranda Partner; tickets can be bought at the reception at special price.

Foto: ® Roby Trab
Red Bernina Express

Amazing and emotional journey: from 429 meters on the sea level of Tirano to 2.253 meters of Ospizio Bernina, followed by a sweet descent to the Inn river valley: High Engadin valley and the famous St. Moritz resort. Comfortable “Espresso” train carriages are waiting for you: cozy and warm in winter, fresh and exhilarating in summer in exclusive open carriages with glasses domes;
Two and a half hours journey of alpine landscapes in the beauty of nature. Tickets can be bought on the Raethian Railway website.

Bicycle lane & Latteria of Livigno

17 kilometers of bicycle and pedestrian lane waits for you along the “Spol” river all year round, with two separate lanes, one for pedestrians and one for bicycles, a beautiful trail, where people can listen to alpine sounds and breath healthy fresh air. This is a lovely bicycle lane suitable for families, lovers, bikers and your beloved dogs with a specific “agility dog” area. From the bicycle lane, it’s easy to reach the “Latteria of Livigno” for a tempting break.

Shopping in Livigno

Livigno with more than 250 shops is the most prestigious center for shopping in the Alps. Shopping in Livigno is a unique experience, with exclusive boutiques, single brand stores, top quality shops, traditional and craft shops with a touch of modernity and most exclusive griffes, along the streets of this sensational open sky gallery.

Foto: ® Roby Trab
Thermal Bath & Relax in Bormio

“Bagni Nuovi” & “Bagni Vecchi” Thermal Bath in Bormio: wellbeing and pure relax oasis in an alpine surrounding. “Salus per aquam” (health through water), it used to be said by Romans, the first ones to appreciate Bormio Thermal Bath.
Only 40 minutes drive from Livigno, Bormio Thermal Bath is partner of Park Chalet Village; you can make your reservation directly at the reception of the Village; we will reserve your relaxing day with a special price through an easy online application.

Not “two hearts in a hut”, but something much better: two hearts in a Chalet and a private Home Wellness Spa.

Mario Trabucchi
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