Relaxation Tavern

Next to the Home Wellness centre an intimate small tavern with a stove and a sofa await you for moments of relaxation: a pleasant interlude between a sauna and a hydro-massage, exalted by relaxing background music and aromatherapy.

The music offered originates from the specific intention to reawaken peaceful emotions, in order that the simple listening becomes a true real emotional treatment. Unique in its kind, it is a journey into past, present and future time, to live one’s own dreams and savour a fantastic emotion, a mix of musical vibrations and harmonies chosen in order to lose the notion of time and reach evermore intense and deep relaxation.

For aromatherapy we have chosen essence oils selected by the Helleboro Herbalists, partners in Park Chalet Village; thanks to these scents our psychophysical state regains its equilibrium.

Our sense of smell is one of the most intimate senses linked to our emotions and memory; this explains the extraordinary evocative power of scents. It has been established that some essences produce quite a notable effect on our emotional and psychic equilibrium, capable of relieving anxiety, sadness and the harming effects of stress.

The stove in conclusion offers us romantic evenings full of atmosphere: the company and charm of the fire, a “touch” to make the environment truly unique, all without the least effort; the stove is programmed to turn on automatically.

At night-time the Tavern Relaxation area can become a cosy bedroom if necessary, thanks to a comfortable armchair bed, and small areas created for this specific need, and the Home Wellness Centre with its own bath is always available.

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