Relaxation in the village

After breakfast in the Grand Chalet temptation is strong to spend the entire day in the village. We don’t offer unforgettable entertainment, but moments of quiet and tranquillity with your family, friends, in couples or alone, you can enjoy your own chalet in every way it offers and in all its space, where even a gloomy day fascinates in its own way:
Relaxed on the sofa reading a good book beside the fire of the lighted stove... your gaze wondering every so often out of the windows overlooking a seemingly melancholy Livigno... a short restoring doze shadowed in ancient serenity; and then if one wishes on can always have a hot sauna or a relaxing hydro-massage in one's own “home wellness” area;
but when, on one of those sunkissed days, the desire to enjoy nature explodes, in just a few metres we are in the village park, where we can walk and feel instantly more relaxed; you can breathe the air deeply, filling your lungs with the scent of musk and resin, walking tranquilly and … looking at the world around you. You immediately feel the sensation of wellbeing pervading you!
A paradise even for enthusiastic sunbathers, who love lying on a sunbed or stretched out in a field, the high altitude mountain sun offering you an enviable tan!

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