The Shopping Paradise

“ you know Livigno?”
“ Yes, it is that place where you don’t pay taxes !!!!!”

This is not exactly true; certainly there is the Customs Free Zone in Livigno, better known as the “Duty Free Area in Livigno” offering a shopping opportunity which may at least be called “spectacular”: 250 sales outlets offering a full circle range of VAT and manufacturing tax free goods. The rest is up to your own wishes, affluence and adoration.

Sembra quasi paradossale, ma Livigno, una delle zone più “isolate” di tutte Le Alpi, sia uno dei più grossi Shopping Center delle stesse.

Do you know the International Duty Free Shop at the Heathrow London Airport…? Livigno offers you a lot more! Besides the normal widely used over-taxed products, you can find petrol at little more than one Euro a litre, there is also a large range of high quality goods and products, totally innovative, prestigious brands and labels difficult to find on the normal market and all grouped together in a unique and characteristic high mountain town with a special alpine “suk” atmosphere typical of a culture which in some features suggests vaguely oriental tones. Here in this ambience your shopping frenzy will have all the space it needs to range free.

Don’t expect to find just the usual souvenirs and gadgets for the normal tourist. No, this is something totally different, here trading skills are lost in the depths of time; knowing how to trade has been, is, and will always be a question of survival for the Livigno community.

What sort of products? Everything and its alternative. From the prestigious aged pure malt whiskey to the latest creation of the most recent fashion designer, from the best of cosmetics to the toy of the moment and the Rolex Daytona etc. etc.

Let your most hidden consumer fantasies run free, Livigno will not disappoint you…
Request your copy of the brand new “Luxury Shopping in Livigno” guide at the Village Reception area.

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